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(Press Release) – Approximately 80 million American men and women experience some form of hair loss. Premature balding or thinning hair can often result in a decrease of self esteem. Freedom Laser Therapy of Los Angeles is dedicated to change all that by bringing their iRestore Hair Rejuvenation System to the mass market.

For the past decade, Freedom Laser Therapy has become an industry leader helping smokers successfully break their nicotine addictions using low-level lasers. With a decade of using lasers in his Freedom quit smoking clinic, company President Craig Nabat discovered that the low-level laser therapy technology which helped him break his nicotine addiction also promotes thicker hair, and decreases the progression of hair loss.

Professional laser hair therapy clinics have been charging hair loss clients approximately $4,000 for 12 months of treatments. Another available option on the market has been an FDA cleared personal use laser brush device ranging from models equipped with 7 to 12 lasers. While these laser brushes only cost between $295 and $545, many users have declared that the brush device can be exhausting to use.

Once Craig learned about the laser hair therapy technology, he and his engineering team dedicated 3 years to inventing a more effective and user friendly laser treatment device for treating hair loss. Freedom Laser Therapy has just announced the release of their revolutionary invention, the iRestore Hair Rejuvenation System, which is now available for $599. Fortunately, males and females experiencing early to moderate stages of hair loss can now own the same strength laser hair restoration technology used in professional hair loss clinics, and perform the treatment process now in the privacy of their own homes.

This proven, safe Laser Hair Restoration Technology, otherwise known as phototherapy, is a scientific process providing stimulation to cells in your hair. The 25-year old advanced low-level laser treatment stimulates the scalp, allowing miniaturized and dormant hair follicles to rejuvenate.

iRestore is a hands free device and is worn 3 times weekly for 30 minutes on non-consecutive days. iRestore’s (27) 650nm lasers and (27) high output LEDs are equipped with separation barrels, which part obstructing hair for direct access to the user’s scalp. The common hair loss areas are treated with focused light energy for 10 minutes each on the front, middle, and back of the scalp. Users can experience fuller, thicker and healthier hair within 90 days; ongoing treatments are required for lasting results.

Dr. Brett Bolton discusses how lasers assist in bringing dormant hair follicles back to life with the usage of laser hair therapy.

“Laser Hair Therapy, which is the most recent FDA approved preventive treatment that is out there, is a light source and that light source will stimulate blood flow, and it will free up the sebum and make a better environment for those little hairs to make their way through. So those little hairs that are potentially getting caught and shrunk and miniaturized are now strengthened. We are not growing new hair, we are helping bringing back your miniaturized hairs.”

iRestore Inventor Craig Nabat declares:

“Freedom Laser Therapy has been helping thousands of smokers break their nicotine addictions since 2003. I discovered a similar low-level procedure that helped promote hair restoration and stop the progression of hair loss. I suffer from hair loss; I’ve been through a hair transplant procedure before and knew I would go through it again in the future.

“I invented the iRestore Hair Laser, because I didn’t want to keep losing my hair and nor should you.”

SOURCE Freedom Laser Therapy

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