Baltimore Eye Surgeon Adds Innovative Hi-Def Cirrus Technology

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) July 06, 2011 – The Grochmal Eye Center is a Baltimore LASIK surgery practice, offering complete and comprehensive eyecare for the entire family. Dr. Jay C. Grochmal is announcing the addition of the Cirrus™ HD-OCT by Zeiss, which he says helps him visualize and analyze the status and health of the retina. In particular, the Cirrus™ technology allows him to assess the health of his patients’ eyes prior to performing a number of procedures, including traditional cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange.

The Grochmal Eye Center was founded in 1978, and continues to provide state-of-the-art eye care and laser eye surgery procedures, such as PRK and LASIK in Maryland under the leadership of Dr. Jay C. Grochmal. As part of their commitment to the cutting-edge of ophthalmic technology, Dr. Grochmal is announcing the latest addition to the practice: the Cirrus™ HD-OCT by Zeiss. He says the new technology will help him and his staff diagnose any changes in the macula caused by different diseases, such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or glaucoma. He adds that early detection of these diseases will enable him to start treatment before permanent vision loss occurs.

Zeiss is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies. Founder Carl Zeiss was the first to commercialize the OCT technology, and the first to deliver the high definition 3D maps created by the Cirrus™ HD-OCT. Dr. Grochmal says the new technology not only helps him detect potentially damaging eye conditions, but also helps him improve the overall level of care he can offer his patients. The printouts from the OCT are very helpful, according to Dr. Grochmal, as they aid in educating his patients and help them gain a better understanding of the disease and procedure.

Whether he is performing refractive or cataract surgery, LASIK or PRK, Dr. Grochmal says he and his team tirelessly pursue the latest advancements in eye care and laser eye surgery to ensure their patients receive the best care available. “The advancements in ophthalmology in just the last ten years are astounding; staying on top of these developments is essential to our continued dedication to providing state-of-the art treatment. Our patients deserve only the best, and that is what we constantly strive to offer.”

About Dr. Grochmal

Dr. Jay Grochmal earned his medical degree from the University of Maryland. He then completed a rotating internship with the U. S. Public Health Hospital in Baltimore, MD. After becoming the Chief Resident at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center’s Department of Ophthalmology, he completed his residency and established the Grochmal Eye Center. Dr. Grochmal is currently on staff at some of the top hospitals in Baltimore, and continues to offer his expertise and skill to medical missionary trips around the globe.

The Grochmal Eye Center is located at 405 Frederick Rd., Ste. 102 in Baltimore, MD 21228, and can be reached at (410) 697-4090, or found online at or the Grochmal Eye Center Facebook page.

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