The Risks of Laser Hair Removal

When dealing with unwanted body hair that causes real cosmetic issues, the good may out weight the bad – that is if you know what the bad is. With any cosmetic procedure it’s important to choose a reputable practice that informs you of the risks before the procedure. Ask how common issues arise and what the the remedy for them is.

Here are the common risks and side effects of laser hair removal:

Skin irritation. Temporary irritation, crusting or scabbing is possible after laser hair removal.

Burns. The most common laser hair removal risk a patient can encounter is a burn. This can become quite painful and serious, if your technician does not have enough skills and experience to perform the task. Make sure that your technician and your clinic is certified, and that they have undergone proper training and handling of laser devices for this kind of treatment.

Pigment changes. Laser hair removal may darken or lighten the affected skin, usually temporarily. Skin lightening primarily affects those who have darker skin, especially if an incorrect laser is used at an incorrect setting.

Hair Recurrence.  Short-term hair loss will occur in most patients with laser hair removal, but the degree of long-term hair reduction will vary among patients. Permanent hair loss occurs most often in dark hair, which has a high concentration of melanin whereas gray, white and blond hair would need to be re-treated to maintain hair loss. This will also vary depending on area being treated.

Rarely, laser hair removal may cause blistering, skin cancerscarring or other changes in skin texture.


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